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The Domaine Haut de La Gardière, which is situated at the foot of the St Nicolas’ forest and on the borders of the Touraine region, offers very rich fruity flavours. The vineyard stretches over 12 hectares of Cabernet Franc.

On the Loire’s right bank, our Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil is exposed to the South and it is protected from North winds by the forest.

Thierry Pantaléon, wine-grower in St Nicolas de Bourgueil, invites you to discover Le Haut de la Gardière and his tasting room where you can savour the St Nicolas red wines and fruity rosés.

Les vins

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Haut de la gardière

Pantaléon Thierry's red wine is suppple, light and inspired by its gravelly soil origins, is particulary good young and partners well with white meat, roast and light cuisine.

bouteille vielles vignes

Old Wines

This fruity and pulpy vintage is a wine that keeps well.

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Pantaléon Thierry rosés quench your thirst with refreshing full-bodied flavour.

La bouteille Le carton (6 bouteilles)
Haut de la gardière 2019 6.50 € 39.00 €
Haut de la gardière 2018 7.00 € 42.00 €
Vieilles vignes 2019 8.00 € 48.00 €
Vieilles vignes 2010 9.50 € 57.00 €
Haut de la gardière 2018 demi-bouteille 3.50 € 42.00 €
BIB 5L 2020 22.00 €
BIB 10L 2020 40.00 €

"Le Haut de La Gardière : Des vignes de trente ans, implantées sur les sol argilo-calcaire du Haut de la Gardière, ont donné cette cuvée pourpre profonde. La robe annonce une bouche ample bien structurée. Les tanins encore un peu fermes, ont déjà commencé à s'assouplir."

-Guide Hachette des vins-

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Thierry Pantaléon, a wine grower in Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil,
welcomes you to his vineyard where you'll be able to enjoy a selection of red wines and refreshingly fruity rosé wines.

Pantaléon Thierry

20 la Gardière

37140 Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil